Inside XML

Authored by Steven Holzner
1102 pages
Published by New Riders
Publication date: 2000-11-14
ISBN: 0735710201

Detail Exam-
4 5 3

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Inside XML guides the reader through XML, covering everything you need to get up-and-running with an XML application. Except for good VB examples. The author decided to go with Java/Javascript -- a fair choice in itself, but it's not the right one for VB developers.

The XML chapters are very good; they are among the best technical XML references I've seen. Although there are Java chapters in between XML chapters, making it all a little harder to navigate, the information is readily available when you need to look up a particular topic.

Being a serious contender in the XML market, Steve Holzner covers both present and future standards, drafts and suggestions. Amongst the standards he covers are XML, CSS, XSL, DTD, XML Schemas, XPath, XLinks, XPointers, DOM and SAX. He goes in-depth on each topic, with lots of sample XML code to clarify and explain the details.

As I said earlier, the book lacks examples including VB. This is a drawback if you don't know Java or Javascript, but with the W3C having standardised the XML object model (the DOM), the difference between Java code and VB code can easily be disregarded. If you really need VB examples, see Professional Visual Basic 6 XML instead.

If you don't have any XML books, but are looking into getting one, consider getting Inside XML.