Professional Visual Basic 6 XML

Authored by James Britt, Teun Duynstee
500 pages
Published by Wrox Press
Publication date: 2000-01-04
ISBN: 1861003323

Detail Exam-
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James Britt and Teun Duynstee, the authors of Professional Visual Basic 6 XML, do a good job of outlining the XML universe. They guide you through the myriad of different standards, proposals, and just good ideas concerning the specification and use of XML.

The first half of the book is spent on XML itself, with references to the various efforts currently being put into developing cooler and better features for both authors, programmers, and spec writers. Britt and Duynstee get a bit carried away as they start talking about the DOM, and before you know it, 20 pages are spent on a mere procedureal documentation of a proposed component interface. That part is better left alone, unless your current goal is to get to know DOM, not XML.

In the second half, the XML knowledge from the first half is put into work in a business environment. Building from the ground up, the authors lay brick on brick of XML and web components to create a fully operational business commerce system in Visual Basic. This part is tiresome to read, since code is better on screen. However, you will get kick out of the way they outline their system, especially if you're breaking new ground.

All in all, Professional Visual Basic 6 XML performs well as an introduction to XML for programmers who aren't intimidated by having TLAs and raw specifications slapped in their faces. For the faint at heart, a look in the dummies' section will prove more useful.