GUI elements

How to get and use various controls, both third party and shipped with Visual Basic.
System Elements
How to manipulate the elements, for instance of a form, that are created by Windows, not yourself. Topics include menues, title bars, message boxes, etc.
[>] Edanmo's VB Page
This site is all about advanced source code.

The source code itself is outstanding -- VB source for custom controls you have dreamed about and system operations you've wanted to perform. On top of that, you get a bunch of free pre-compiled controls and time saving type libraries ready for use.

[>] Hiding the mouse cursor
If you want to temporarily hide the cursor in your application, you can use this code:
[>] How to get the individual RGB values from the Common Dialog's return value
If you want to convert the Common Dialog's color to e.g. hex values (for use in HTML code), you might want to extract the Red, Green and Blue parts of the color code that is returned. This is how you do it.
[>] Scrolling a text box
Have you ever wanted to be able to scroll a textbox automatically to the bottom each time you add some text? Here's how:
[>] VB by JC
The author provides a small, but delicat set of articles and projects exploring advanced programming issues. The samples are well worth looking at just for the fun of exploration, and can serve you well if you are into this sort of problem.

With so few items, a search option would be inappropriate, and no points can be deducted on those grounds. The site is nice and well structured, so the only negative side is in fact quantitive.

[>] VB Web
An excellent site. The VB Web contains numerous tutorials on all flavours of Visual Basic development, with a vast source collection and well structured content.
[>] Visual Basic Thunder
The site contains a lot of excellent source code relating to the Windows API. The code is well documented and illustrates dozens of useful procedures and methods. The downside is you can't search the site, so you are stuck with browsing the different categories to find the information you need.

Visual Basic Thunder is worth a visit if you want to check out new and cool ways to use the API with Visual Basic.

[>] Visual Menu Editor
A Visual Basic add-in and standalone application that provides a truly visual interface to editing menus.