Various forms of database access, including ADO, DAO, ODBC and OLEDB. It also includes Access, MS SQL Server and other database servers.
SQL Server
Source code and information relating specifically to Microsoft SQL Server.
[>] ADO Connection pooling in VB and ASP
There is much confusion about how to actually implement connection pooling in VB/VBScript code.

To preface - here are some highlights and some recent findings.

[>] AndreaVB
An excellent site with lots of information. The content ranges from low level programming using the Windows API, to ASP and COM components. You might get a bit lost in the design, but focusing on the center white section of the page will help a lot.
[>] comp.lang.basic.visual.database
Database programming with Visual Basic
[>] Data Widgets
Sheridan Software are one of the oldest partners to Microsoft in developing custom control. All the way from VBXs to ActiveX controls, Sheridan has been there. Unfortunately, this hasn't improved their reputation as delivering one of the buggiest control packages of all time, the Designer Widgets (see Interface)
[>] Introducing ADO+
ADO+ is an evolutionary improvement to Microsoft® ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) that provides platform interoperability and scalable data access. Because Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the format for transmitting data, any application that can read the XML format can process data.
[>] microsoft.public.vb.database
[>] microsoft.public.vb.database.dao
[>] microsoft.public.vb.database.odbc
[>] microsoft.public.vb.database.rdo
[>] New MDAC 2.5 available for download
New MDAC 2.5 RTM (2.50.4403.12) languages are available for download. These are Brazilian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
[>] Performance Issues with Disconnected Recordsets
This article will establish performance differences between disconnected and connected recordsets when using them with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server, and uncover potential pitfalls when designing your system for multi-database access.
[>] Returning Values from Stored Procedures
In this article, I will discuss the benefits of the Command object over ordinary SQL statements to execute stored procedures, and explain how you can use it to return values from stored procedures.

The article assumes familiarity with stored procedures in SQL.

[>] Software Creations
A site that's off to a good start. The articles and code library are up and running, and contain some interesting items. A few points have been subtracted due to the very short descriptions of the various items.
[>] VB Web
An excellent site. The VB Web contains numerous tutorials on all flavours of Visual Basic development, with a vast source collection and well structured content.
[>] VBAdminCode
Focusing on administrating Windows NT from Visual Basic, VBAdminCode delivers an impressive amount of valuable source code. There is no search function on this page, which can make a little hard to browse. However, the content is well organised, so finding the correct code shouldn't be to hard.
[>] VBeXpress 2000
VBeXpess is an advanced development tool for VB programmers. Generates 3-tier applications for Oracle, SQL-Server, Access and includes 100 fully customizable code templates for ADO, RDO, DAO with embedded SQL or stored procedures.
[>] VB-World
The maintainers of VB-World do an excellent job in gathering information. Their website contains a lot of exciting and ground breaking source code, most of dealing with the Windows API. There are some book and software reviews here, but it is not this that makes the site worthwhile.

A minor downside is the structuring of the information. The items are divided into categories, but it is not always intuitive where an item might be located; books are stored in Graphics and Multimedia, which I find to be highly counter intuitive.