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Preview: Professional VB.NET by Wrox Press, 2001-10-06
Wrox Press presents a preview chapter of Professional VB.NET.

Scrolling a text box by Oystein Selbekk, 2001-05-10
Have you ever wanted to be able to scroll a textbox automatically to the bottom each time you add some text? Here's how:

Permutating an array by Jens G. Balchen, 2001-04-22
This article will demonstrate the technique used to permutate an array, and how to apply this technique in a real-life example. It assumes familiarity with common programming concepts as arrays and recursion.


AppForge releases VB compiler for Palm AppForge, 2000-12-11
AppForge has released their Visual Basic compiler for the Palm OS. The product is priced at USD 699, and is distributed as a completely integrated compiler and runtime for Visual Basic.

.NET Framework XML Classes Microsoft, 2000-12-07
This new suite of XML APIs is modeled after MSXML 3.0 and includes better standards compliance, extensible APIs, and a simpler programming model.

Beta release of the API Guide KPD Team, 2000-12-01
The newest version of the API Guide has been released in beta. To get access to it, you must sign up for their beta program.