Most Popular Sites
The most visited sites at VBI.
Since this list would be self-reinforcing, we won't count it if you click a link here.
4 FreeVBCode (14541 clicks)
This site is a large and well sorted collection of source code. The code pieces range from banal to excellent, and should satisfy all levels of expertise.
6 Edanmo's VB Page (12043 clicks)
This site is all about advanced source code.

The source code itself is outstanding -- VB source for custom controls you have dreamed about and system operations you've wanted to perform. On top of that, you get a bunch of free pre-compiled controls and time saving type libraries ready for use.

5 Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples (6323 clicks)
A real top site. The source code available at Brad's reveals the downsides to Microsoft's common controls by taking them places you've only dreamed, and demonstrates a lot of API functions available.

The site is only updated at irregular intervals. This may discourage you from returning, but check in now and then to catch the few updates. It may be worth it.

6 VBnet (5733 clicks)
VBnet focuses mainly on using the Windows API from Visual Basic. The site includes tons and tons of code samples on how to perform any given task using API calls. You must be in serious trouble if you cannot find a solution at VBnet.

As part of VBnet's philosophy, the code isn't contained in downloadable form; rather, it's listed entirely in the article. Inconvenient if there is a lot of code to copy, but more convenient when you want to browse through it to get the general idea.

All in al...

6 vbAccelerator (5527 clicks)
An absolutely excellent site! The source code, custom controls, and in-house articles stand out in the crowd of Visual Basic sites. There's nothing more to say.
3 Programming OpenGL with Visual Basic (5348 clicks)
An excellent introduction to programming OpenGL, both in general and using Visual Basic. The site is full of examples, documentation, and custom controls which all guide you through developing OpenGL applications.
4 DirectX for Visual Basic (5257 clicks)
An excellent site for DirectX information. The author goes to great lengths to satisfy all levels of experience in his audience, as he guides the user through the entire world of DirectX. The only downside is the lack of a search function -- there is so much code, and so many tutorials, finding the one document that deals with a specific problem can be tough.
0 comp.lang.basic.visual.database (5000 clicks)
Database programming with Visual Basic
1 Coder's Domain (4991 clicks)
The Coder's Domain features a lot of compiler related topics, like different compilers, decompilers, debuggers, binary editors, etc. They have a small section on Visual Basic.
4 Introduction to Visual Basic 5.0 Programming (4593 clicks)
3 OpenGL and Visual Basic (4333 clicks)
This site may vanish anytime soon, according to the maintainer, but it hasn't been updated in a year or so. Perhaps it will sit around forever.

Disregarding its age, the site contains a lot of academic examples on how to use OpenGL in Visual Basic. Academic because few have foundation in real life problems, but nonetheless they illustrate OpenGL very nicely.

4 (4100 clicks) contains a lot of API information for VB developers. They have a lot of source code and a fair set of tutorials, and provide a good resource.

The most important feature at is the API Guide. This excellent piece of software contains a searchable index of the entire API, with descriptions and examples for each function. A must-have if you regularly work with API calls.

0 .NET Framework XML Classes (3971 clicks)
3 ZLib Compression Library (3870 clicks)
A DLL library (with VB code to use it) and an ActiveX control allowing you to compress and decompress using the algorithm from PKZip and gzip.

ZLib compression is also vital to the PNG image format, if you want to read it yourself.

4 Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page (3717 clicks)
Carl & Gary's was one of the first Visual Basic sites, and they benefit from their long experience. The site contains an enourmous amount of information, and they cover every aspect of Visual Basic programming.

However, the information is unstructured and hard to navigate. The Links section, by their own admission, contains 99% of the content, and the table of contents for this section is endless.

4 XBasic (3714 clicks)
The best XBasic site around.
3 Rijndael (3482 clicks)
The Rijndael algorithm was chosen for the new official U.S. cryptographic standard AES. It's a variable length block cipher, and supports a variety of key lengths.
0 microsoft.public.vb.database (3477 clicks)
3 Issues with VB.NET (3474 clicks)
Presents a lists of issues, or problems, with VB.NET, and discussed each issue to work out a solution. The site also includes other resources, like short code introductions for VB.NET functions and links to other sites.
5 VB Web (3398 clicks)
An excellent site. The VB Web contains numerous tutorials on all flavours of Visual Basic development, with a vast source collection and well structured content.