[>] DevX Guide to Visual Basic 7.0
The site brings a good overview of the new features and issues in Visual Basic 7.0. It is a spin-off from Visual Basic Programmer's Journal and the Windows Developer's Exchange, and has a wide range of technical writers.
[>] Issues with VB.NET
Presents a lists of issues, or problems, with VB.NET, and discussed each issue to work out a solution. The site also includes other resources, like short code introductions for VB.NET functions and links to other sites.
[>] Lutz Roeder's Programming .NET
The site hosts a few .NET components and applications written in C#. The Date Picker component can be a useful add-on to VB programmers, but the source may be of less interest.
[>] Preview: Professional VB.NET
Wrox Press presents a preview chapter of Professional VB.NET.
[>] Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 applications to Visual Basic.NET
The upgrade from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic 7.0 (or .NET if you must) will render existing source almost useless. The new syntax's conflict with previous versions has made Microsoft distribute an upgrade utility with Visual Basic. Read more about how this affects you and how to make the best of it.
[>] VB.NET Migration
Bob presents a variety of workarounds to migrations problems that will occur when you try to port VB 6.0 code to VB.NET. The list features plenty relevant issues, and is well worth browsing to find the sore spots.
[>] Visual Fred
Visual Fred, the ironic insight into what's wrong with VB.NET, offers some background on the changes that will break existing VB code when porting it to VB.NET. From my point of view, the list takes the wrong approach; porting the code isn't the most viable option, finding new and better solutions is. However, the insight is well worth gaining, as most developers will face the decision of porting or rewriting their code.
[>] Visual Studio .NET Beta 1 near completion
Visual Studio 7.0, or Visual Studio .NET, is near its Beta 1 release. MSDN subscribers will get the entire VS Beta kit, along with other important upgrades of operating systems and development servers.