Features other Visual Basic like compilers, and decompilers/debuggers for Visual Basic.
Envelop Engine was a short-lived project started before VB 4.0 was released. The developers retired the project when they were employed by an unknown software company, but Envelop Engine gained wide acceptance the few months it was maintained.
Visual Basic
Information about and differences between Visual Basic versions.
The alternative Basic development platform, compiling applications on both Windows and Linux.
[>] AppForge releases VB compiler for Palm
AppForge has released their Visual Basic compiler for the Palm OS. The product is priced at USD 699, and is distributed as a completely integrated compiler and runtime for Visual Basic.
[>] Coder's Domain
The Coder's Domain features a lot of compiler related topics, like different compilers, decompilers, debuggers, binary editors, etc. They have a small section on Visual Basic.
[>] Gnome Basic
The Gnome Basic project is a VB clone for Linux, specifically for the Gnome desktop environment. The goal is to implement the full extent of VB features possible under the new environment, including full support for VBA and GUI elements.
[>] KBasic
The KDE (K Desktop Environment) is a Linux project aiming to provide a common environment for application developers to create desktop applications. KBasic will integrate a full BASIC implementation into this environment, and in time make it Visual Basic compatible.
[>] VB for Palm OS
AppForge is in the beta stage of releasing their new VB to Palm OS compiler. This compiler will integrate seamlessly with VB's IDE and allow you to develop and test your application within VB. More information will follow.
[>] Visual DLL
Visual DLL allows you to create traditional DLLs from Visual Basic applications. The differences between ActiveX DLLs and traditional DLLs cause many developers to chose the traditional path, with several advantages.

The DLL compiler will work with Visual Basic all the way down to version 3.0.