Files & Folders

Zip and unzip components, along with other forms of compression and decompression.
Using Files
File IO is a very important part of programming. Although many applications are relying more on database access than files, knowing how to manipulate files will improve your programming abilities and flexibility.
[>] AndreaVB
An excellent site with lots of information. The content ranges from low level programming using the Windows API, to ASP and COM components. You might get a bit lost in the design, but focusing on the center white section of the page will help a lot.
[>] Finding the short filename from a long filename
If you're working in the 32-bit world, your user will sometimes give you a long filename to work with. If you really want to see the short filename, not the long one, you can use the GetShortPathName function:
[>] How to recognize drive types
If you're using VB4 32 bit, you can use the GetLogicalDrives API to get a 32-bit bitmask of all valid drive letters. FOr example, bit 0 is drive A. If it's a 1, then there is drive A in the system. Then use GetDriveType(""A:"") and check the return. if the drive is a CD-ROM, you will get a return of DRIVE_CDROM.
[>] VB Web
An excellent site. The VB Web contains numerous tutorials on all flavours of Visual Basic development, with a vast source collection and well structured content.
[>] Wotsit's File Format list