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Visual Basic Resource
Added: 2001-12-20
A comprehensive set of links, tutorials, downloadable samples plus a chat room and message board for developers at all levels of experience.
SysCold Visual Basic Site
Added: 2001-12-16
Here you can find various Source Codes about Visual Basic.
Perfect for beginners!!!
Updated every time new code arrives(that usually means very day!).
Sign in my guest book or if you have any problem post message on Message Board!
You can even find some usefull links to other Visual Basic Sites!
Take a look!
Added: 2001-11-27
Visual Basic Courses from the experts
Lundlay Property Browser 1.0
Added: 2001-10-19
Property Browser is an ActiveX control element to view and change the properties of COM objects and ActiveX control elements.Advantages: Full Source Code, Ability to receive notifications of changes of one or several properties, Display of help strings provided by the object, Appearance customizing, Error messages support.
Preview: Professional VB.NET
Added: 2001-10-06
Wrox Press presents a preview chapter of Professional VB.NET.
Lutz Roeder's Programming .NET
Added: 2001-09-28
The site hosts a few .NET components and applications written in C#. The Date Picker component can be a useful add-on to VB programmers, but the source may be of less interest.
Added: 2001-09-27
Pragmatier Data Tier Builder is an intuitive, graphical, development tool that dramatically reduces the amount of time spent modelling and implementing the data tier in an n-tier application. The tool benefits anybody who needs to implement persistent data, i.e. Enterprise Objects, ranging from business information systems to web applications.
IC Code Librarian 2000
Added: 2001-09-25
The IC Code Librarian 2000 VB/VBA shareware add-in is now available for free download and installation, in a self-extracting zip file, at It was developed by Gene Swartzfager, the author of the definitive book on add-ins (Creating Visual Basic 5 Add-Ins, ISBN 1-57610-167-3, Coriolis Press).
ITtoolbox Portal for Visual Basic
Added: 2001-09-24
ITtoolbox Portal for Visual Basic offers forums for discussion, an
integrated directory, daily news, and many other services geared towards VB
professionals and users of VB products.
giuseppe deruvo
Added: 2001-09-24