Contains information on all forms of computer-to-computer communication, including various network protocols and application protocols.
With the Internet becoming mainstream and programmers wanting to communicate their applications over it, we've seen the need to know Windows sockets has become less important as the number of ActiveX and OCX controls rise. Still, there are things to know and there are things to learn about communicating over wide area networks.
Various network management protocols.
Microsoft Message Queue
Using Microsoft Message Queue for application communication.
Stuff on modems, ISDN, and other forms of telephone communication.
Windows Network
[>] FreeVBCode
This site is a large and well sorted collection of source code. The code pieces range from banal to excellent, and should satisfy all levels of expertise.
[>] microsoft.public.vb.winapi.networks
[>] VBAdminCode
Focusing on administrating Windows NT from Visual Basic, VBAdminCode delivers an impressive amount of valuable source code. There is no search function on this page, which can make a little hard to browse. However, the content is well organised, so finding the correct code shouldn't be to hard.