How to get and use various controls, both third party and shipped with Visual Basic.
[>] Adding a column to a grid at the left-most position
The Grid control doesn't support adding columns at position 0. To work-around it, use this code:
[>] Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples
A real top site. The source code available at Brad's reveals the downsides to Microsoft's common controls by taking them places you've only dreamed, and demonstrates a lot of API functions available.

The site is only updated at irregular intervals. This may discourage you from returning, but check in now and then to catch the few updates. It may be worth it.

[>] Common Controls Replacement Project
Microsoft provides VB developers with control wrappers for the Windows common controls API -- an often used resource for GUI developers. The CCRP intends to replace Microsoft's wrapper with new and improved wrapper controls that impose fewer limitations on the programmers, increase our opportunities and ease our work.

All controls developed with the CCRP are free, but they have decided to keep their source to themselves. This shouldn't stop you from using their controls, though.

[>] Designer Widgets
The Designer Widgets from Sheridan Software are known to many as the buggy control package. I have spent houndreds of hours working around problems arising with their controls. Not to say they aren't nice -- they really are -- but they are just too buggy.
[>] Scrolling a combo box as you type
If you use a combo box somewhere in your application, you might have noticed that typing the text is sometimes OK, but other times you'd wish the list would scroll according to the text you type.

This code enables your list to do just that.

[>] Software Creations
A site that's off to a good start. The articles and code library are up and running, and contain some interesting items. A few points have been subtracted due to the very short descriptions of the various items.
[>] TX Text Control