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[>] Accepting drag and drop from File Manager
File Manager supports dragging files, and some applications support dropping them. Try dragging a file from File Manager to Program Manager, and you'll see what I mean. You can do this too; just follow these simple steps.

Copy and paste this as DRAGDROP.BAS:

[>] Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples
A real top site. The source code available at Brad's reveals the downsides to Microsoft's common controls by taking them places you've only dreamed, and demonstrates a lot of API functions available.

The site is only updated at irregular intervals. This may discourage you from returning, but check in now and then to catch the few updates. It may be worth it.

[>] How do I know how much space the taskbar uses?
Using the SYSINFO.OCX that comes with Visual Basic 4.0 Pro, you can easily get the dimensions of the taskbar in Windows 95.
[>] Setting the wallpaper without restarting Windows
Here is sample that will allow you to change your wall paper with out restarting windows.
[>] VB by JC
The author provides a small, but delicat set of articles and projects exploring advanced programming issues. The samples are well worth looking at just for the fun of exploration, and can serve you well if you are into this sort of problem.

With so few items, a search option would be inappropriate, and no points can be deducted on those grounds. The site is nice and well structured, so the only negative side is in fact quantitive.