FTP Distribution CD

What is it?

The FTP Distribution CD is a compilation of all the files currently availably at the VBI FTP directory. It contains 100 MB of source code, components, freeware applications, and other useful files for VB programmers.


The CD is currently priced at USD 20 / EURO 20. This covers the CD media, shipping, and our time for creating it.


The package will be shipped using standard international mail services, which cost less, but tend to be slow. Other types of shipping may be requested at a higher price.

How do I order?

You can order the CD online using a VISA card, you can transfer money to:
Account # 4200.33.91439
Sparebank 1 Midt-Norge
N-7467 Trondheim
Swift # SPTRNO22
or you can send an international check to:
c/o Jens G. Balchen
Kristian 4 gt 80a
N-4614 Kristiansand
both accompanied by an email stating your name (as on the check or transfer) and the shipping address.