Contribute to VBI
Have an article you want to publish? Want to say your opinion on a component or a book?

The criteria

At VBI.ORG, we're constantly looking for quality stuff to publish. Anything goes, as long as it is related to Visual Basic and serves an educational purpose or initiates a debate. Articles, book reviews, software tests, or component benchmarks are a few of the things we're looking for.

If you want to contribute, you may be rewarded with items from our partners. This is mostly books and software. Books are delivered by mail or, when applicable, made available for download. Software is always available for download.

The text presented, if any, must be written in English, and preferably be of sound grammatical health. Sloppy writing and generally poor grammar will not earn you a reward.

Send your contribution or question to us and we'll work out an arrangement.

The items

The first items to be handed out are copies of MB ActiveX Gallery, written by Marco Bellinaso of VB-2-the-Max. The package contains 15 controls to extend and improve your applications. The controls are free (making this a great opportunity at any rate), so the item in question is actually the source code.

Thanks to Marco Bellinaso for providing this exciting reward.