About Information

Information is a valuable asset, but sharing it and applying it are the two most important things you do with information. Information should be free, in the sense that it should be freely available to anyone seeking to obtain it. The GNU project has applied this principle to software, but not only software should be free.

The Mission

As developers, information is most valuable when we can use it to create better applications. But the more time we spend looking for information, the less time we have to create software. This is why information bases are important. As opposed to databases, which contain raw data that you have to process to obtain information, information bases contain pre-processed data.

Our goal is to provide Visual Basic developers with the widest range of information they need in their daily programming routine. We seek to be an information base, fullfilling the needs of programmers everywhere, at any level of expertise. We do this not in competition with other sites, but in cooperation with them.