Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming

Authored by Robert Vieira
1st edition
Paperback, 1138 pages
Published by Wrox Press
Publication date: 2000-03-01
ISBN: 1-861002-31-9

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Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming is not about Visual Basic. It focuses on SQL Server 7.0 and SQL in general, and doesn't concern itself with what programming languages you want to use. If you want to learn how to use Visual Basic's database features with SQL Server, this is clearly not the book.

The author's primary target is the intermediate to experienced SQL Server developer (using whatever tools he likes) that wants to read up on his skills to optimise applications. It spans a wide variety of SQL Server subjects, all the way from basic SQL to performance tuning and query profiling.

For intermediate users, the books starts with SQL syntax and basic objects (assuming you've been doing your database development using data controls or wizards). This introduction is very basic, and experienced users will find it more comfortable just browsing, or even skipping, the first 10 chapters.

However, even experienced users will add to their knowledge when the advanced queries and optimisations are covered in chapters 15-25. Switching the focus from the application to server will help you understand the processing that goes on inside the server, and help you write better and more efficient code.

The practical examples are written in Visual Basic, providing a familiar environment in which to demonstrate real-world use of the advanced techniques covered. This really is a plus for Visual Basic developers.

All in all, if you want to get into SQL Server 7.0 (and probably 2000 for that matter), this book will serve you well.