Visual Basic 5.0 Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API

Authored by Daniel Appleman
Bk&Cd-Rom Edition
Published by Ziff-Davies Press
Publication date: 1997-03-01
ISBN: 1562764462

Detail Exam-
3 6 6

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The fans of Daniel Appleman, knowing him from the legendary Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Windows API, get what they expected with this updated version of his API documentation. It is the Win32 API bible, looking at the internals of Windows with the VB programmer's glasses.

I did not read this book. It's an encyclopedia -- a complete and exhaustive reference work. It's function is to stand in your bookshelf so you have it handy when you want to know something about one specific API function, and at that task it excels. The well-built index guides you to very good descriptions of the functions, and special remarks for Visual Basic accompany them.

Another feature I liked was the CD-ROM that came with the book. I found a help file on it, containing the entire book as a searchable index. From now on, that help file sits on my desktop, just a click away.

A good purchase!