How to activate Search in Windows Help
If you have your own help file for your application, you might want to have the usual Help - Search menu. This is how to do it:

' *** The Declares
' *** below is all one line ***
Declare Function WinHelp% Lib "User" (ByVal hWnd%, ByVal lpHelpFile$, ByVal wCommand%, ByVal dwData As Any)

' *** Context Help ID's ***
Global Const hlpDisplayUser = 40
Global Const hlpContents = 1
Global Const hlpRunApp = 20
Global Const hlpGetStarted = 10
Global Const hlpCloseRun = 1
Global Const HELP_QUIT = 2
Global Const HELP_INDEX = 3
Global Const HELP_HELPONHELP = 4
Global Const HELP_PARTIALKEY = &H105

'*** Add a menu option HELP, then add the Contents, Search, and How to use Help
'***  Form1 is the current form, you can use ME is you want
'*** the App.Helpfile must be set in the project somewhere in the beginning

'***** Contents command
Sub mnuHelpContents_Click()   
Dim i As Integer
   i = WinHelp(Form1.hWnd, App.HelpFile, HELP_INDEX, 0&)
End Sub

'***** Search for Help... command  (the "" can be a search value if you want)
Sub mnuSearchHelp_Click()   
Dim i As Integer
   i = WinHelp(Form1.hWnd, App.HelpFile, HELP_PARTIALKEY, "")
End Sub

'***** How to Use Help command
Sub mnuHowToUseHelp_Click()   
Dim i As Integer
   i = WinHelp(Form1.hWnd, App.HelpFile,HELP_HELPONHELP, 0&)
End Sub

'*** To unload WinHelp when your App closes
Sub Form_Unload(Cancel as Integer)
Dim i As Integer
   i = WinHelp(Form1.hWnd, App.HelpFile,HELP_QUIT, 0&)
End Sub