Getting network user name in Windows for Workgroups 3.11
It can be useful to obtain the login name of the user currently logged in to the Windows for Workgroups system. This code should help a little:

Declare Function WNetGetUser Lib "wfwnet.drv" (ByVal szUser As String, nBufferSize As Integer) As Integer
Declare Function MNetNetworkEnum Lib "wfwnet.drv" (lphNetwork As Integer) As Integer
Declare Function MNetSetNextTarget Lib "wfwnet.drv" (ByVal hNetwork As Integer) As Integer

Sub Form_Load ()
    Dim User As String
    If Not MultiNetGetUser(User) Then
       Label1.Caption = "Not logged on."
       Label1.Caption = "Logged on as " + User
    End If
End Sub

Function MultiNetGetUser (UserName$) As Integer

' The following function determines the logged-in user in Windows for
' Workgroups:

   Dim hNetDrv As Integer
   Dim wRetEnum As Integer, ret As Integer
   Dim wRetGetUser As Integer
   Dim cb As Integer
   Dim Found As Integer

   Found = False
   ' Grab the 1st network:
   hNetDrv = 0
   wRetEnum = MNetNetworkEnum(hNetDrv)

   ' Loop while there are installed networks:
   While (wRetEnum = 0) And Not Found
      User$ = Space$(255)
      cb = Len(User$)

      ' Make sure correct network is accessed in next WNetGetUser call:
      ret = MNetSetNextTarget(hNetDrv)

      ' Get the user:
      wRetGetUser = WNetGetUser(User$, cb)

      ' Check for success:
      If wRetGetUser = 0 Then
         ' Just grab the relevant characters:
         UserName$ = Left$(User$, cb - 1)

         Found = True
      End If

      ' Get the next network:
      wRetEnum = MNetNetworkEnum(hNetDrv)

   MultiNetGetUser = Found

End Function