Navigating to a URL using Windows
This little piece of code will show you how to navigate to a URL using Windows' built-in systems.
Author: Jens G. Balchen

To navigate to a given URL, copy and paste this code into a form or module. The code will launch a DLL which will load the default browser in your machine (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, or any other) and navigate to the URL.

Public Sub NavigateURL(ByVal URL As String)

Dim File As String
Dim fH   As Integer

   ' Create a URLShortcut File so that the url.dll function OpenURL will work
   File = App.Path & "\" & VBA.Format(Now, "HH_NN_SS") & ".URL"
   fH = FreeFile
   Open File For Output As #fH
      Print #fH, "[InternetShortcut]"
      Print #fH, "URL=" & URL
   Close #fH
   Shell "rundll32.exe url.dll,OpenURL " & File, 1
   Kill File

End Sub