Active Server Pages

[>] AndreaVB
An excellent site with lots of information. The content ranges from low level programming using the Windows API, to ASP and COM components. You might get a bit lost in the design, but focusing on the center white section of the page will help a lot.
[>] FreeVBCode
This site is a large and well sorted collection of source code. The code pieces range from banal to excellent, and should satisfy all levels of expertise.
[>] Introducing Active Server Pages+
ASP has been rebuilt from the ground up. The result? Active Server Pages+.

ASP+, with a host of new features, provides for easier to write, cleaner code that's simple to reuse and share. ASP+ boosts performance and scalability by offering access to complied languages; development is more intuitive thanks to Web Forms; and an object-oriented foundation facilitates reuse. Other important features include page events, Web Controls, and caching.

[>] Introduction to Web Forms
Get your first peek at Web Forms, the ASP+ framework that enables developers to create programmable Web pages as part of an overall Web application. Nikhil Kothari of Microsoft outlines Web Forms in ASP+, the new version of Active Server Pages.
[>] Kathi's Active Server Pages Tutorial
A nice collection of tutorials for Active Server Pages beginners. The author refers to VBScript only, which is right up our alley. You can't search for anything, but the content is structured in a nice way.
[>] Software Creations
A site that's off to a good start. The articles and code library are up and running, and contain some interesting items. A few points have been subtracted due to the very short descriptions of the various items.
[>] VB Web
An excellent site. The VB Web contains numerous tutorials on all flavours of Visual Basic development, with a vast source collection and well structured content.
[>] Visual Basic Thunder
The site contains a lot of excellent source code relating to the Windows API. The code is well documented and illustrates dozens of useful procedures and methods. The downside is you can't search the site, so you are stuck with browsing the different categories to find the information you need.

Visual Basic Thunder is worth a visit if you want to check out new and cool ways to use the API with Visual Basic.

[>] Why Web Services?
What do you gain from converting your old ASP + COM object system into a system based on Web services? Chris Kinsman from the ASP Zone explores the new features of ADO+ to convert one of his existing projects to a Web service.