Using Objects
Object orientation still has far to go in Visual Basic, but some of the features that are here today may help us to create more structured and flexible software.
Interfaces -- your face or mine
Since Visual Basic 5.0, programmers have been able to define and implement interfaces. But what are they, and how can they be used in the daily programming routine?
[>] Avoiding Memory Leaks in Objects
In this article, I will discuss the potential memory leak that can occur if object references aren't handled in a proper way.
[>] VB-2-The-Max
VB-2-The-Max is based around Francesco Balena, Italian VBPJ editor and regular VBITS speaker. The site is a tremendous resource for intermediate to advanced programmers, with lots of small tweaks and code samples you can utilize in your applications.

The site appears somewhat unstructured, but the search option remedies this in the usual way, so chances are good you will find any relevant items they have to offer you.