About Programming
You'll never believe how much is written about how you should be programming, and how others do their programming. It's really quite amazing. You'll find mostly coding conventions, but more's to follow.
[>] Best Practices for Secure Web Development
Web security is an important issue, and the author tries to guide you through the basic prinsiples of designing secure web components. He does so in a nice and gentle way, without going into technical details.

This document does not serve as a template on how to write secure code -- it's mission is to make you think about all the possible pits you might be falling into in your design and code process.

[>] Programming Standards & Guidelines
[>] Strange variable names?
Have you ever wondered what those strange variable names C programmers operate with really mean? Here's a list of some of the things they do to their variable names
[>] Visual Basic Coding Standards
[>] Visual Basic Coding Standards and Conventions